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This is our tenth annual Spring Gospel Series where the entire church, every generation, digs down into a gospel for 28 days leading up to Easter.

Let’s face it, life is busy.  Many times we’d like people or our news feeds to get straight to the point and tell us what is important.  We love Twitter and Instagram because it limits people on how much they can write. Thus, we get the news and all the cute photos we like in bite sized bits, or “on the go” pieces.

Well, Mark is the most compact Gospel out of the four and the writer focuses on becoming a true follower of Jesus. We see that people are doing things “at once”. Things happen “suddenly”.  In short it is an action packed version of the life and teachings of Jesus.

We invite you to use this booklet and seize the opportunity to seek Jesus’ face for yourself over the next 28 days. Consider what might happen if you committed 20 minutes of each day to read scripture and seek to listen to Jesus speaking to you through the Scriptures? Nothing increases our spiritual maturity as reading the Bible for personal meaning. This is what this booklet will facilitate. It is not a daily commentary on the scriptures, but rather an invitation to let the text speak directly to you. The readings will enable you to connect with Jesus and grow more assured in how you might follow Jesus in deeper ways through the gospel of Mark.  Each day’s reflection page will help you identify and respond to Jesus’ words to you on that day.

Each day, sit down with this booklet, a pen and cup of coffee and get ready ready to follow Jesus in a fresh and deeper way. We promise you it will be exciting and we look forward very much to hearing how it goes – enjoy!

Journals for sale on campus beginning March 6 for $10.