Newsong church is a house of refuge

This applies to everyone in this church or people you know that need a place of Refuge. Perhaps you were searching online and came across our page.  As a House of Refuge our mandate is to break shame, guilt, hopelessness, and despair off of every life with the power and love of Jesus.

  • We are a refuge church for the unborn and a voice for the voiceless.  
  • We are committed to the orphan and foster child that needs a family.  
  • We are a refuge for those in an unplanned pregnancy.  
  • If abortion is part of your past, this is a safe church to talk about your story.

If you are in an unplanned pregnancy please know that being pregnant is not a sin, and the child you carry is not a punishment; it is a blessing.  Whatever your story is, God has a story of redemption for you to walk in.  

God is knitting this child in your womb. You may have made a wrong decision that led to this pregnancy, but we want you to know you are loved, and we will do whatever it takes to help you carry and care for this precious child before and after birth.  There are options and help that many don't know about.  We've seen God restore lives and relationships.  We've seen parents that thought their past or the current situation disqualified them from being great parents- and God has brought break throughs. We've seen families step up to adopt children that would have been aborted, and those are some of the most beautiful stories of all. 

While we can never support or encourage a woman to have an abortion because the child you carry is made in the image of God and is intrinsically valuable and loved by God.


We believe there are always options to the challenges in life because in the love and power of Jesus, there is always a way to get from where we are at to where God wants us to be.

We will do everything in our power to remove whatever obstacles stand in the way of you having this child. There are people in this church ready to mentor you, throw you a baby shower, and connect you with resources inside and outside of our church.  We can connect you with housing resources, help out of being trafficked and domestic abuse, counseling, adoption, legal help, medical care, help with addictions, job training and placement. We will also hold men accountable for living out their calling to provide and protect women and children.  You don't have to walk through this alone.