FUEL - how to pray


4-week series: How to pray

FUEL begins with meals- $5 adults/$2 kids and free childcare. Dinner is served from 5:30pm to 6:45pm.  Then we move into our study on prayer "How to Pray- a simple guide for normal people" at 7pm.  

Hopefully you can make all four sessions, but the videos and prayer tools will be available online for any weeks you miss.

Author Pete Greig is founder of 24/7 Prayer movement and The Prayer Course. Pete writes,  "To be human is to pray. Prayer is the least weird, most natural, necessary, and wonderful invitation. But no one finds it easy.  I guess we all need a little help."  We will be going through the book and also have access to 8 videos. 

We will have some books to purchase, but you can order yours today on Amazon. 

Check out all the resources below and be sure to register for each Wednesday Fuel that you'll attend -- it helps in our preparations for food & childcare.