A path for people seeking to belong at Newsong.

  1.     Connect people to Jesus
  2.     Connect people to Newsong and its vision
  3.     Connect people to each other

A series of Three Steps that include a dinner gathering, foundational courses, and gift discovery classes.

Step 1: Elements

Elements gives people an entry point into Newsong Church.  It is a catered dinner held 4-6 times a year. Elements is a time to get to know the story, the vision, the values, and the leadership of Newsong Church.  Also a great time for Q&A.  Free catered meal begins at 5:00pm. Meeting begins at 5:30p and ends promptly at 7:30p.  Free child care.  RSVP required.

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Step 2: D-Track

The Discipleship Track is a series of four meetings to help lay groundwork  on key foundations of the bible,  The four sessions will cover Father, Son, Spirit, and Mission. All of our small groups, teachings, and relationships at Newsong are designed to produce:

  1. People that are connected to God and His ways. Godly. Spiritual maturity. 
  2. People that are connected to Jesus and his example. Christ-like. Emotional maturity. 
  3. People that are connected to Power – Doing and saying as the Holy Spirit leads. 
  4. People that are connected to Mission- Freely giving as they have freely received.

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Step 3: DYG Course

Our Discover Your Gifts course are four weekly sessions answering Why, What, Who, and Where. What unique set of gifts and talents do you possess that God has given you to make Him famous? What are the purposes and plans God has for you personally? DYG helps connect people with their God given talents and purposes, activating believers to walk more strongly in these purposes.  


WHY-  Start at the beginning. 

Values: Discover what really matters to you, and clarify your core values.

WHAT- Spiritual Gifts. 

The power tools God provides to us to live out our purposes and callings.  Temperament and Personality perspectives.

WHO- Passions, experiences, seasons.

We all hard wired by God with certain strengths and certain weaknesses; however we have experiences that are part of who we are.  Learn about seasons of life and how they affect us.

WHERE- Launching pad.

Putting it all together.  Where do we go for Jesus considering the Why? What? and Who? aspects of our life. 

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